Our goal is to build a lasting reputation within our community by providing clients with friendly professional services, and delivering the best products available. We back up our work with a 10 year workmanship warranty.
Jonah McLeish - Owner & Operator

    Who We Are

Jonah is the first-born son of a young firefighter and his wife and was quickly followed by his siblings, 4 brothers, and 3 sisters. He was raised in a non-traditional home, his family lived entirely off-the-grid, without any electricity, running water, or natural gas appliances. They worked together as a family to ensure their basic needs were met, and some of the daily chores they shared included, hauling water from the nearby creek, tending to the livestock, and gathering wood to heat their home and cook their meals. In the same way that our ancestors survived for thousands of years, these unique experiences taught him that nothing comes easily or for free. He learned that hard work is, in itself, a reward worth seeking and that every task should be completed properly, and safely, the first time around. This back-to-basics style of living has a way of bringing out the best in a person. Those old-fashioned family values, and the strong work ethic he developed, have become the foundation on which this company is built. Today He brings these same values to work for you, providing professional services and quality workmanship you can count on.

high profile shingles and cap

    What We do

We are excited to offer our customers the quality exterior solutions they need at competitive and affordable rates. We employ locally and work with many hometown suppliers to provide our clients with the best products available and a personalized service they can trust.

Currently, thousands of tons of used exterior and roofing systems end up as waste in our landfills every year. This garbage often includes many materials that can be recycled or reused instead of being dumped and forgotten. We separate our waste materials into clean loads of shingles, plastics, rubbers, woods, and metals for identifiable recycling before sending the rest to the landfill. We believe that recycling is the key to a better, greener future, and we remain committed to further developing sustainable business practices.

    Where We do it

We are a home-based business located rurally about 15 minutes south of Edgerton. We base our operations out of Wainwright, Alberta.

We offer our services to the surrounding communities including, but not limited to, Chauvin, Consort, Czar, Edgerton, Fabyan, Hardisty, Hughenden, Irma, Macklin, Metiskow, Provost, and Vermillion.

Proudly serving in Alberta and Saskatchewan since 2015

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For quality workmanship at competitive rates, contact the team at RubiX Roofing & Contracting. We offer quality roofing and exterior services for new construction and renovation projects.

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