Corrugated Metal Panels
Corrugated Metal Panels

The standard metal roof often found on many homes and other buildings, this metal roofing panel features full length sheets, 36" wide, cut to fit each and installed with an exposed fastener system. Corrugated metal panels are commonly comprised of a wavy series of ribs and valleys that bear a unique resemblance to an S laying down on its side, however the term used for this type of roofing can also be used to refer to several other exposed fastener, metal panel roofing systems. These metal panels are affordable, easy to install, and offer an extremely durable and longlasting roof that will consistently provide unmatched protection from hail, snow, and extreme winds. They are often installed over top of an older shingle roof and can be used for veritcal and horizontal siding applications, making them a great choice for the savy consumer looking for an easy and long term solution.

Cedar Shake Shingles
Standing Seam Metal Panels

Standing seam panels are a high-end upgrade and an unmistakable step-up, in terms of quality and longevity, when compared to the classic corrugated and ribbed style metal roofs. Unlike the corrugated panels, The brilliant design of the standing seam metal roof, with its bold character and raised seams, features an improved and revolutionary installation method that leaves no exposed fasteners, and drastically reduces the chances of the system developing leaks as time passes. These standing seam systems are often manufactured using a thicker gauge of material, resulting in a stonger metal product, and ensuring they will provide maximum protection for your investment. This makes them ideal for all residential and commercial applications. They are available in a variety of colors that will increase the value and curb appeal of your home or building.

Metal Tiles and Shingles
Metal Tiles and Shingles

These tiles and shingles can vary greatly in style, shape, and design. they are typically smaller in size and most of them are press-formed and fabricated out of aluminum, copper, and steel. The installation methods vary between each design but they are all generally installed in a similair manner to architectural shingles, starting at the eave and working their way to the peak following a zig-zag or staggered path. Some of these panels are made with a pre-coated or granule surface. After forming these panels, the exposed surface is then coated with crushed stone chips that are adhered to the panels with an acrylic-based coating and then a clear acrylic-based glaze is applied to finish the top surface. Many of these panels feature an out-standing manufacturers warranty and offer a lifetime of protection from even the harshest of elements and extreme weather changes.

Recycled Rubber Shingles
The Types of Metal

Copper - Beautiful and extremely long-lasting, it can be time-consuming to install and is a very soft metal with a low melting temperature.
Aluminum - Durable and long-lasting, this metal is naturally resistant to salt water corrosion and approximately 70% lighter than copper.
Zinc - Extremely long-lasting, and very resistant to corrosion this is the weakest of the metals and features the lowest melting point.
Steel - The thickest and strongest of the metals used, it comes in three variations: galvanized, galvalume, and weathering steel (Corten).
Tin - This was used prior to World War II but is no longer commonly applied.
Now its often used to refer to corrugated steel roofing.

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