What Is A Soffit

Soffit is the covering that hides the exposed trusses that make up the roof's overhang. It plays an important role in the proper ventilation of your home and works in conjunction with your roof vents to create a consistent airflow, the soffit provides intake, and the vents provide the exhaust. This airflow is important because it allows the warm air to escape during the hot summer months and the consistent air circulation helps prevent any moisture from building up that can cause rot, decay, and mold in your attic. Poor and/or improper ventilation can cause other serious problems, such as frost build-up, ice dams, mold, or mildew, that can dramatically shorten the lifetime of your roofing system. It also helps keep animals and insects, like birds, bees, and wasps, from making their homes inside your home. It's worth checking often to make sure there are no cracks or holes in it, if you find any they should be repaired or sealed right away. It's important to choose a material suitable to the climate, and weather conditions your home will be subjected to. Soffits can be made from wood, aluminum, or vinyl materials, with aluminum and vinyl being the most common products used today. Soffit comes in a variety of colors and styles that complement any home.

Aluminum Soffit

Aluminum soffit is available in a regular gauge and a thicker, heavier-duty gauge, designed for long-lasting performance. It is extremely durable, and resistant to fire, rust, and moisture. It provides excellent protection from foul weather and it requires little to no maintenance, making it by far the superior choice for the savvy consumer. Though aluminum soffit is widely considered to be more aesthetically appealing than its vinyl counterpart, it can often be more costly. It is a very malleable product, it can arch without bending and is easier to work with, making it an ideal solution for this application. When installed correctly it creates a beautiful, eye-catching, and enduring finish that enhances your home, while adding a fantastic visual flair, and a unique and personal touch of style. It comes in a variety of colors and styles that are sure to highlight the siding and fascia on your home.

Vinyl Soffit

One of the biggest advantages to vinyl soffit is its relatively low cost when compared to the aluminum soffit. It is a highly durable product, and being of a plastic composition it is naturally resistant to chips, cracks, degradation, and fading, though these features diminish in the face of the elements and as time passes. Vinyl is also low maintenance, and even though you can, you won't need to re-paint it. It is simple to clean, requiring only a quick spray to wash and it is very flexible, bending easily without cracking or breaking and making it simple to fit it into those tight spots and corners. It is not as common as aluminum soffit due to the flammable nature of its plastic construction and it's generally considered to be less pleasing, aesthetically. It is available in a variety of colors, textures, and even wood grains that help it match up to, or contrast with, the roofing, siding, and fascia.


The fascia is the long, straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof and is attached to the bottom ends of the roof truss supports, covering the open or rough ends of the rafters and blocking access to the home from insects, such as wasps or bees, and preventing birds, bats, squirrels, and all other small rodents from moving in where they are not wanted. It serves to stop water running down the roof deck from finding its way into your home and it also provides support for the gutter system that collects the rain that falls on your home and diverts it away from the foundation and entrances to the building. These Fascias are the visual transitions that separate the roof from the walls of your home and they are commonly made of wood sheathing, often spruce or pine boards that are 1" wide by 6" tall. Since wood is prone to quickly rot and decay when left in the elements, it should be painted or stained to extend its life span. It can also be clad in a colored aluminum or vinyl material to give your home a clean and finished look. The aluminum is a popular choice due to the variety of colors and how easily it slides up and locks under the roofing drip edge, quickly creating a smooth and modern look that can easily endure the harsh elements of extreme weather changes.

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